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Jordberga Biogas

This plant is a close collaboration between SBI, E.ON, Skåne Biofuel Company (SB3) and Nordic Sugar. The raw material for biogas is mainly locally produced green fodder in Jordberga vicinity. In addition to biogas the plant produces a high quality bio-fertilizer which goes back to the region's agriculture, and thus closes the important nutrient cycles. The plant has cost around 200 million dollars and is expected to have a payoff time in 16 years. The gas is already sold out in advance.

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Power Generation
Year 2013
Owner Swedish Biogas Intl., E.ON, Skånska Biobränslebolaget (SB3) and Nordic Sugar
Country Sweden
City / Region Jordberga
Sector Power Generation
Segment Conventional Power Generation
Application Process
Product type ProRox MA 920


Name Marian Bogdan