Filanovsky Oil Field

The Filanovsky Oil Field is located in Caspian sea. It was discovered in 1994 and developed by Lukoil. The oil field is operated and owned by Lukoil. The total proven reserves of the Filanovsky oil field are around 1.27 billion barrels and production is centered around 160,000 barrels per day (25,000 m3/d). ROCKWOOL started to supply the insulation for the building of this project in 2012 and plans to finish in 2015.

Year 2012-2015
Owner Lukoil Company
Engineer Korall design bureau, Krasnye barricady shipyard, KNRG, Globalstroyengineering Company
Country Russia
City / Region Astrakhan
Sector Offshore
Segment Fixed Platform
Application T hermal and fire insulation of steel decks, bulkheads and pipes
Product type SeaRox SL 740, SeaRox SL 620, SeaRox SL 640, SeaRox SL 660, SeaRox WM 950, SeaRox WM 660 and ProRox PS 960
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