Ensus Bioethanol Plant

The plant was constructed in the Wilton International industrial park in Teesside, UK. The plant produces 400 million litres of bioethanol and 350 kiloton of high-protein animal feed or dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS). The bioethanol produced is used along with gasoline. The plant is expected to generate 70% of carbon savings compared to fossil fuel use; this translates into removing 300,000 cars from the road. In addition, the plant produces 25MW of surplus electrical power for exportation as a result of the high level of energy integration carried out at the plant.

Year 2010
Owner Ensus
Engineer Simon Carves
Construction contractor Simon Carves
Country United Kingdom
City / Region Wilton, Teesside
Sector Consumption & Manufacturing
Segment Manufacturing
Product type PROROX WM 970UK, PROROX PS 971 UK and ProRox PSM 971 UK
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