ENEL – ARCHIMEDE Solar power plant

In early 2010 a new technology to improve the efficiency and environmental footprint of solar power plant was developed by Nobel prize winner Carlo Rubbia, called "Solar thermal technology". This technology is using melted salts (combined with gas) in replacement of classical oils. The result is a combined circle technology allowing the plant to be productive also when not directly exposed to sun or limited exposed (e.g. during night or rainy periods). Salts have lower environmental impact if loose and do not require any petrochemical derived products. ROCKWOOL Technical insulation was involved in this project with ProRox PS 960 pipe sections regarding a suitable solution for piping to be waterproof insulated and preventing heat losses.

Year 2013 and 2014
Owner Enel
Country Italy
City / Region Priolo Gargallo / Sicily
Sector Power Generation
Segment Solar Power Plant
Application Piping insulation
Product type ProRox PS 960
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