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Visonta – Mátra Heating Plant

Its main profile is electricity production providing around 13% of the national demand. This electricity is produced from a domestic energy source, lignite, exploited by a joint-stock company in a nearby mine. Though having operated for more than 35 years, the availability in average of this power plant is above 80%. ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION is the main supplier of insulation like ProRox Wired Mats for all kinds of applications like pipework and tanks.

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Power Generation
Year 2011-2012-2013-2014
Owner Mátra Erőmű Zrt
Engineer Bilfinger IT
Country Hungary
City / Region Visonta/Heves
Sector Power Generation
Segment Conventional Power Generation
Application Pipework and Tanks
Product type ProRox Wired Mats


Name János Szűcs