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Vattenfall Power Plant Moorburg

After commissioning in 2014, Vattenfall will produce 11 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually - with an exceptional high efficiency of 46.5 percent! In comparison, the average efficiency of German hard coal power plants is 38 percent. Compared to older coal-fired power plants with lower efficiency, the power station Moorburg will save about 2.3 million tons of CO 2 every year at full capacity. ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION has supplied ProRox WM 950 and ProRox WM 960 Wired Mats for both boilers, the E-filter, piping and other components of the power plant in the last years.

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Power Generation
Year 2007 - 2014
Owner Vattenfall Europe GmbH
Country Germany
City / Region Hamburg
Sector Power Generation
Segment Conventional Power Generation
Product type ProRox WM 950 and ProRox WM 960


Name Björn Reese