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Solar Power Plants

It means 2304 MW installed and operating. The most commonly used technology is Parabolic Trough Collectors (92%): 70% with salt tanks storage and 30% without it. Other used technologies are Tower, Fresnel ,…(8%). ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION supplied Wired Mats and Pipe Sections for each Solar Power Plant. Especially for these projects, ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION have produced wired mats with special dimensions in accordance with the pipe size, to reduce the installation costs and waste.
Spanish companies involved in these projects are leading the current renewables energies world market.

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Power Generation
Year 2007-2013
Owner Abengoa, Acciona, ACS/Cobra
Engineer Abeinsa, Sener, Idom
Country Spain
City / Region South Spain
Sector Power Generation
Segment Solar Power Plant
Application Tanks and Pipework
Product type ProRox PS 960, ProRox PS 964, ProRox WM 960 and ProRox WM 970


Name Mariano Bañez