North Dragon in CIMC Raffles

It will carry out operations in Norway North Sea and Barents oil and gas fields. It will be at a maximum operating depth of 500m, maximum drilling depth of 8000m, operating draft depth of 21m and an operating temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius which meets the ice class requirements. The platform is also equipped with DP3 system and 8 spots mooring system, satisfying the NMD and NORSOK requirements and classed by DNV. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation delivered SeaRox Slabs.

Year Ready in 2015
Owner North Sea Rigs AS
Engineer Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Limited
Country China
City / Region Yantai
Sector Offshore
Segment Semi-submersible
Application Accommodation
Product type SeaRox Slabs
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