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The contract with each owner also includes an option for another vessel of the same type. MT6024 DSCV is an advanced Diving & Construction Vessel developed for demanding operations worldwide. The vessel will have a length of 120.80 meters and a width of 25 meters, accommodation for 130 persons, two cranes, a 140 ton offshore crane for operation down to 3000 meters and one 40 ton offshore crane for operation down to 600 meters, in addition to arrangement for 2 WROV's (unmanned remote operated submarines/robots) for operations down to 3000 meters depth. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation delivered SeaRox Slabs and SeaRox Wired Mats.

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Year Ready in 2015 and 2016
Owner Kreuz Subsea Marine, in Singapore Mermaid Offshore Services Company Ltd., in Bangkok, Thailand.
Engineer Marin Teknikk
Country China
City / Region Shenzhen
Sector Marine
Segment Diving Support Vessel (DSV)
Application Accommodation
Product type SeaRox Slabs and SeaRox Wired Mats


Name Catharina Heliang